Round and round I go, where I’m headed, I don’t even know.

A weird little bat

A weird little bat

Anonymous asked: Wishing you a great day. May it treat you well and grant you a reason to smile. Eckhart yoga is a cool YouTube for good stretches that will work you stomach. (And the fact that chocolate and blueberries exist are great reasons to smile.)

Aww thanks, anon. I hope you’re having a great night/day :)

I close my eyes,
The frights begin,
Fear and unease are my only friends.
No release from this strangling worry.
I collapse next to dread,
And my fears start to hurry,
Flashing before me,
I scream at the sight,
Everything I fear,
Everything I hate,
Dancing before me,
Laughing at the sight of me.
With my eyes full of terror,
All I can see is their sorrow.


I need a 500 pack of these

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Get up

Brush your teeth

Drink some water

Take a shower

Get something to eat


Go on a walk

Stretch/do tummy exercises

Listen to music


Tell yourself something positive

Write in your journal/write something

Play a game

Watch a movie/show


Try to have a nice day

Does not being with me bother him, as much as it bothers me? Or maybe I’m just ridiculous…

What if a writer’s character, is actually a person in another dimension… and out of all the people in that world, the writer grows attached to that specific one, and writes their story.

My first digital sketch of a dragon. *shrugs*

My first digital sketch of a dragon. *shrugs*

A random sketch I’d forgotten about.

A random sketch I’d forgotten about.